The Superbike School has enrolled some well-known students over the years…

Mike Jones
Future World Champion
2011 ASBK Superstock 600 Champion
2010 ASBK Superstock 600 3rd place 2012 – Formula Xtreme Australian 600 Champion
2013 – Competed in European Superstock 600

2014 – Formula Xtreme Australian Superbikes 3rd place
Multiple National Junior Championship Titles
Wayne Rainey
1990/1991/1992 500cc World Champion

“My first time on the asphalt – for more than a couple of laps – was at the California Superbike School. It was a really good experience. I wasn’t the fastest guy out there but it gave me the idea of what to do and, more importantly, that I did want to do it. Kawasaki had been helping me with my short track program. There are some great people down there who believed I had some promise, so they gave me a box stock racer and hired Keith Code to work with me for one year. Here is the part that really surprised me: We spent days going over stuff that Keith had written down about racing. I thought we were going straight to the track, but here I was actually looking up words in the dictionary and talking about riding. After we did get to the track the whole thing turned around and there I was, writing down everything that I was doing on the track. Keith made me think before we got to the track, while I was on the track, and after I got off the bike. I don’t know if everyone can get into the winner’s circle as fast as I did, but I know now that being able to think about your riding is important. Get that part done first. This is where I started. I hope it works for you.”
Leon Camier
2005 British Supersport Champion
2009 British Superbike Champion

“The way techniques are broken down and made simple for you to understand and then try out on track makes you really understand what riding a motorcycle is all about… it has taken me to another level.”
Chris Vermuelen
2003 World Supersport Champion
James Toseland
2004 World Superbike Champion 2007 World Superbike Champion
Thomas Luthi
2005 MotoGP 125cc World Champion
2009 Championship position 7th
2014 Championship position 4th

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