This document contains the full set of terms governing the use of the California Superbike School Gift Voucher. It is recommended that you read the document carefully before purchasing or using the Gift Voucher.

1.0 Gift Voucher Inclusions and Exclusions:

1.1 The value as indicated on the Gift Voucher can be used to contribute towards the following items:

1.1.1 California Superbike School (CSS) services and products.

1.1.2 The Gift Voucher is not a confirmation of a booking or purchase of any specific service or product.

2.0 Purchases exceeding the Gift Voucher value or purchases below the Gift Voucher value:

2.1 The Gift Voucher can be used for services and/or products outlined in 1.0 up to the value stipulated on the Gift Voucher. Should the value of the services and/or products exceed the value of the Gift Voucher cash or credit card payment can be used in conjunction with the Gift Voucher to pay the difference.

2.2 The new Gift Voucher, with the remaining amount indicated, will retain the original expiry date. See 4.0 for Gift Voucher expiry terms.

4.0 Gift Voucher expiry and extensions:

4.1 The Gift Voucher is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue. This expiry date is stated on the Gift Voucher.

4.2 The Gift Voucher must be used to secure a CSS service and/or product within the 12 month period otherwise it will be void.

4.3 The Gift Voucher can be used to purchase a service executed after the expiry date of the Gift Voucher.

4.4 Should a purchase be made of lesser value than the Gift Voucher the new Gift Voucher, with the remaining amount, retains the same expiry date as the original Gift Voucher. This expiry date is stated on the Gift Voucher.

4.5 Extensions are available for Gift Vouchers. To obtain an extension there are 2 options available. Only one of the two options can be chosen:

4.5.1 Call 0456 005 554 and request a 1 month extension free of charge

4.5.2 Call 0456 005 554 and request a 3 month extension for an additional $25.

4.5.3 Only one of the 2 options (4.5.1 or 4.5.2) can be chosen.

4.5.4 Any extension request must be completed prior to the Gift Voucher Expiry date.

5.0 Cancellation or Refund of Gift Voucher:

5.1 Gift Vouchers cannot be cancelled.

5.2 Gift Vouchers cannot be refunded.

6.0 Lost or Stolen Gift Vouchers:

6.1 Gift vouchers are to be treated as cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Should you lose your Gift Voucher contact 0456 005 554 for assistance.

7.0 How to use the voucher and where:

7.1 You can use the Gift Voucher to confirm a booking for any CSS service and/or product by:

7.1.4 CSS online via

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