We would like to thank you for choosing CSS as a pathway to improving your riding. We have come to know many of you well over the years and consider you friends. It has been a pleasure to provide Keith's fantastic program to you. We are as passionate now as we were when we started.

Unfortunately due to the ongoing disruptions of Covid 19 border closures, California Superbike School has suspended all events in Australia for 2021. We look forward to some future stability in all areas so that we can return in 2022.

Welcome to the australian branch of the California Superbike School!


The California Superbike School was founded by Keith Code, his Twist of the Wrist books have been groundbreaking since the 80s and 90s. His formulated CSS program combines those theoretical principles with practical application to help you improve every aspect of your riding. We offer motorbike training courses that are professionally run and provide students with the best level of coaching available.


The California Superbike School has a bulletproof, step by step method for training riders in the exact skills of cornering motorcycles. With 40 years of experience, we've become recognised worldwide as the global leader in this field. We have 15 specific riding drills spread over the first 3 Levels, and then over 200+ drills available to be set during a Level 4 experience.

Each of our many riding discoveries cleanly and effectively shatters the targeted barrier or the uncertainty riders experience in their cornering. It doesn't matter what bike you ride, it doesn't matter whether you ride on the road or track and it doesn't matter how fast or slow you ride - if you ride a motorcycle, we have the solution to help you improve!

An extremely on track low ratio of 3 students to 1 Coach ensures you will get accurate and personal feedback every session. Your assigned coach will follow you and observe each aspect of your riding, then they will lead you to demonstrate techniques and give specific hand signals for immediate feedback while on the track, and then debrief with you after every ride. Every member of our staff is focused on your improvement.

Keith Code – CSS Founder

What Our Advanced Rider Training Provides

We understand the needs of riders and go above and beyond to ensure that your improvement is our top priority. Look to us for a range of motorbike training courses that cater for every skill level, from beginner to intermediate and all the way up to advanced. The professional team at the California Superbike School promises to help each student take their riding to a new level and we guarantee that you will have a heap of fun along the way! Learn the fundamentals in our classroom lessons and then take to the track alongside our fully qualified coaches. Receive expert feedback from our professional coaches who are highly trained in observation and communication skills to develop your skills so you become a more competent rider, faster for the track or safer for the road, the choice is yours. Look to us for motorcycle training in NSW, motorcycle training in Queensland and motorcycle training in Victoria. Contact us today for enjoyable motorsports training in Australia that guarantees results.

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