How to Hit an Apex Consistently Well 17/12/2019
Hitting the apex of a corner is vital if you want to clock a fast time around the race track. It is just as important if you want to be a safe road

Hitting the apex of a corner is vital if you want to clock a fast time around the race track. It is just as important if you want to be a safe road rider. Riding is about the line you are on; being able to pick an apex and hit it, is a critical component to establish a good line.

The techniques involved to apex successfully and pick a good line require an understanding of the turn you are engaging. Training your eyes so that you are looking for the right information is key. You need to be in control of the motorcycle so you can counter steer onto the line and then stabilize the bike to maintain the line. It takes practice and experience to apply this successfully in different turns and conditions.

However, while many people understand the concept of hitting the apex, it’s something that they struggle to do on a regular basis. That’s why the team at the California Superbike School is here to teach you everything that you need to know when it comes to mastering the important techniques of the “Art of Cornering”. 

Let’s start with the basics.

What is an apex?

In simple terms, the apex is a predetermined location where the bike is nearest to the inside of the corner. The apex is sometimes referred to as the clipping point. The apex point is generally around the middle of the turn, but can be later depending on the shape of the turn. Soon after the apex, the rider can begin to pick the bike up focussing on the exit, reducing lean angle and accelerating. 

How to hit an apex

Hitting the apex comes down to several factors, the most important being vision. The key for successful execution is having the right visual information well in advance; the rider also needs to position themselves correctly at turn entry to successfully apex a turn. Using the correct visual techniques allows for easy navigation onto the best line around the corner. 

To be accurate with an apex, riders need to look at the exact location on the line that they want to follow. As opposed to a vague area on the road or a general direction up ahead, it is common for people to say “Look through the turn” which while well intentioned, is not useful information.

Why is ‘look through the turn’ not necessarily useful? Because where you look will determine where your bike ends up. So, be sure your eyes are looking for specific information where you want to put your wheels - so you are accurate with your location. Once you have located your turn entry, you need to set your entry speed. Some turn entries require braking, in others it is simply a case of rolling off the throttle to set the speed prior to counter steering onto line. Once online the rider stabilizes the bike with the throttle, this is usually before the apex but depending on the turn can be around the apex itself.

Once the rider begins to pick up the bike, this is the acceleration zone of the turn. The rider drives out of the turn while reducing lean angle onto the straight away. 

While there are exceptions, these principals will apply to most single turns or turns connected by a short straight. Following this process will help you to consistently hit the apex while maintaining control, allowing for good corner speed and improved drive at the exit. 

A common mistake is entering the turn too early, usually due to over enthusiasm resulting in too high an entry speed “Charging the turns” or just a lack of confidence to counter steer the bike on to line. The remedy for these errors of course is education and practice. This is where California Superbike School’s world renowned program and professionally trained coaches take you through a step by step process to provide you with the tools you need.  

When road riding there are visual cues such as lane lines, turn indicators, and recommended corner speed signs that signal a corner is coming up. These allow you to prepare early for the upcoming turn.  

Why you should be hitting an apex

Hitting the apex is crucial and is something that needs to be mastered; if you are accurate and consistent with your line the net result is dramatically improved lap times. Choosing a good line and hitting an apex is a fundamental part of racing that needs to be mastered if you’re looking to improve. A road rider; when they have the ability to apex turns confidently and accurately, then the fear of running wide abates and the rider is in comfortable control. Their experience of motorcycling evolves to new levels of appreciation.  

With a good education, riding whether on road or track becomes safer, more enjoyable and rewarding. If you have a need for speed correct technique is the key, add speed to bad technique, and a crash is inevitable. 

You can only add speed to good technique!!

Your motorcycle training experts 

At the California Superbike School, we teach people how to improve their riding technique using a professional program developed and proven over the past 40 years. California Superbike School is unique in that we have professionally trained coaches to work with you. No useful tips here, just tried and proven techniques to help you become a better rider. 

From road riders to racers, learners to expert, from cruisers to sports bike the California Superbike School program is designed for you, the motorcycle rider. We will help you to master the Art of Cornering so you can hit the apex with each and every turn that you encounter. 

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