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  The Scrutineering Process For A Motorcycle Find out about the process undertaken by Scrutineers when checking to see if a bike is safe for hitting the track. Safety first! Latest News 15/05/2020
DisplayName Tips for Better Riding: Body position Connecting to the motorcycle correctly is a key aspect of riding for road or track and something that Latest News 17/03/2020
DisplayName How to Properly Warm Up Your Tyres for Track Day Warming up your tyres is crucial for getting the most out of your riding experience. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate or a professional, it Latest News 17/03/2020
DisplayName 6 tips to help your throttle control Throttle control is crucial for any rider, whether on the road or on the race track. However, what many people don’t understand is that the result of good Latest News 24/02/2020
DisplayName How to Hit an Apex Consistently Well Hitting the apex of a corner is vital if you want to clock a fast time around the race track. It is just as important if you want to be a safe road Latest News 17/12/2019
DisplayName Superbike School - Level Three The day started off much like the previous few school days – early wake up, bike on the trailer and a nice drive down to the Island. Once I arrive the Triumph Latest News 22/01/2018
DisplayName Phillip Island Ride Day #1 It was an early start on Monday morning. I had to be at Phillip Island Race Track at around 7-7.30am, this meaning a 5.00 wake up call. Making my way down to Latest News 22/01/2018
DisplayName Phillip Island Ride Day #2 I realised a few things about this ride day in comparison to the first ride day I did, the main thing being my nerves. I am a lot more confident now in my riding Latest News 22/01/2018
  Superbike School - Level One Latest News 22/01/2018
  Superbike School - Level Two Latest News 22/01/2018
DisplayName Superbike School - Level Four The fourth level of the California Superbike School is completely tailored to the individual. When the day started out I was unsure of what I wanted to Latest News 22/01/2018

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