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Motorcycling Australia

Motorcycling Australia (MA) is the governing body of motorcycle sport in Australia.


In any sport, it is essential to have rules regulating its conduct. This is particularly important in the case of motorcycling, where participants and spectators alike need to be risk aware.

This book of rules, referred to as the Manual of Motorcycle Sport or the General Competition Rules; forms the basis of a contract between the regulating bodies of the sport and those who participate in it, namely licence holders, members, promoters and clubs. Our rules must be fair, they must confer on officials a clearly defined discretion to ensure that they are applied fairly, and must be observed by all. As the technology of our sport is constantly changing and developing so must our rules adapt to change.


MA Licensing required at CSS Events.
All our students will automatically be issued a One Event Recreational License and will not require registration through Ridernet

CSSAU - MA Permit 2023

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