So you don’t miss out on Discovering the Art of Cornering. Early bookings are essential so that you don’t miss out attending a day with California Superbike School. Numbers are strictly limited and events can book out well in advance. You can make a booking online by clicking here or by contacting our friendly sales team on 0456 005 554.

The program is split into four levels. Each level can be completed in one day. Each of the first three levels presents five precise technical riding skills, bringing together all the skills of riding.

Level 4 becomes your tailored program in which we focus on your specific needs. Level 4 is organic in nature and as a result many students return to repeat Level 4 multiple times to further develop different specific skills each time.

The sequential nature of the presented information requires all students to begin at Level 1 regardless of experience or ability. Think of it as chapters within a story… you need to start with the first chapter to understand chapters two and three.

For further details on each level of the program click here.

The price for each level – 1, 2, 3 and 4 – is identical when completed on the same circuit layout.

California Superbike School Level pricing includes:

  • 5 x technical classroom sessions
  • 5 x 20 minute on-track sessions
  • Student to coach ratio is 3:1 or lower
  • An on-track coach assigned to you
  • Lunch
  • An off-track drill to perform (Level One)
  • Rider evaluation questionnaire (Level Four)
Phillip IslandSydney Motorsports Park (GP Circuit)Queensland Raceway
LEVEL 1AUD595.00AUD585.00AUD495.00
LEVEL 2AUD595.00AUD585.00AUD495.00
LEVEL 3AUD595.00AUD585.00AUD495.00
LEVEL 4AUD595.00AUD585.00AUD495.00


  • Riding gear – $75.00 (Price includes one or all of the following: helmet, boots, gloves, leathers)
  • Bike hire – $425.00 (Price includes:BMW S 1000RR fuel for the day)
  • Bike and Gear hire – $485.00

For more information on hire gear click here.

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