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Level 1 student feedback 25/06/2015
'71 years old, never ridden on a racetrack, rain in the forecast. What could possibly go wrong? Well, during my day at California Superbike School ----nothing! The programme was extremely well organised, and the staff friendly and encouraging (at no stage did anyone suggest I might consider taking up lawn bowls). Lectures 10/10 (thanks Adam) Track coaching 10/10 ---Sam seemed to appear out of nowhere to guide me through the various drills and the debrief was particularly useful. I feel I learned more in one day than in 5 years of riding with mates and I have already booked Level 2. Many Thanks, Bob'

Level 1 student feedback: 04/04/2015
I was in level 1 yellow group on 2nd April at Sydney Motorsports Park, I had a great time and cannot believe how much I improved. The trainers and every other staff members were a great help and very friendly. I cannot wait for the next one I book in and have already told many other riders on how great the experience is.- Andrew

Level 1 student feedback: 04/09/2014
Hi Guys,
Thanks soooo much for an awesome couple of days, I did the first round of Superbike school on Friday, enjoyed thoroughly ....Steve (main presenter) was excellent..... managed to keep my attention (right up to the first time I heard a bike go down the straight)

Your methods of coaching were great.... time in the classroom followed by time in the track to try and experience the new instructions. I didn't realise how many bad habits I had.

Saturday track day was also a first time experience for me.
Very well organised, yet still relaxing enough to enjoy watching others ride.

I very much enjoyed the quality and calibre of people that surrounded me. That's something not really common at other forms of motor sports.
The speed some of those big boys get up to is frightening thou.

Most importantly, the professional/friendly nature of all the staff was far beyond any of my expectations. They were all courteous, polite and helpful at all times. The customer attention (and their focus on safety) was wonderful.

Initially, I thought "its expensive !!". But when I see the amount of staff and associated costs required to hold an event (the coaches, the flagmen, the ambo, the mechanics, the marshals, the admin ladies, the track costs, (the fact that there was no cars on the wrong side of the road))......... I really started to see the real value in the days I spent with you.
AA++ event............ congratulations !!

Feedback 15/04/2013
''You always feel like you’re getting personal attention, and to me that’s a major bonus. From the class room theory & demonstrations, then post session track time with your on track coach, it was extremely enlightening for me'' - Ewan, CSS 14th May 2013

''That was without a doubt the most enlightening day I’ve had on a Motorcycle My coach remained positive about my efforts, and that inspired confidence within me to ride the bike instead of being along for the ride'' - Jeff, CSS 15th April 2013

My California Superbike School Australia Level 4 experience.
Well I rocked up to the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit yesterday & to be honest didn’t know exactly what to expect from my level 4. I knew it would be a good day but didn’t know what direction it would take & what exactly we would be covering.

Well, now I can tell you what it was about and just how much I got out of the tuition. During the day I was assigned a level 4 consultant and a bike coach. The consultant worked with me in a one on one capacity to determine an area of my riding that I struggled with the most, this became our starting point. As we identified the area of concern my consultant then helped me to understand why I was getting the result I was and then coached me on a way forward that would iron out the problem I was creating. I then went out on track with my level 4 ride coach and he followed, then modelled & then followed again until he could see that I was able to translate my technical understanding of the drill set into a practical demonstration and positive outcome on the track. As we cleared the first area of concern my on bike coach would then identify another area for my consultant and me to work on. We repeated this process for the remainder of the day, which made for a bunch of mini breakthroughs and a real sense of progression.

By the end of the day I was able to corner much more consistently on the corners that I have struggled with for some time now (which for me are turns 2, 6, 9 and 12), have better drive out of these corners and place the bike where I wanted to when I wanted to. I’ve heard some people say on Facebook and in regards to track related conversation that level 1, 2 and 3 are good but level 4 is just an expensive ride day. Let me now speak from 1st hand experience, I’ve done level 1,2 and 3 in the past and I’ve done a stack of track days and road riding but the advances I made yesterday where way beyond my expectations even after doing all of these things. The funny thing is with these advances in my riding I left Phillip Island yesterday thinking to myself "I now know how I can go even faster again and can’t wait to get back there". And isn't that what we all want... to go FASTER. - Rev John McMahon - Motov8