“Just like to say thanks to all for a fantastic day of learning. I felt the content, format, feedback were all I wanted and more. The only issue I have is me going on and on about how good it was to friends. I cannot fault the day and will certainly recommend this to all that want to listen.”

Ross. Phillip Island14th April 2015

“I was in level 1 yellow group on 2nd April at Eastern Creek. I had a great time and cannot believe how much i improved. The trainers and every other staff members were a great help and friendly. I cannot wait for the next one I book in and have already told many other riders on how great the experience is.”

Sydney Motorsports Park2nd April 2015

“I just thought that I would pass on my feedback following my Level 1 on Wednesday. All that I have to say is that I had such a fantastic day. The class room sessions were engaging, informative and really clearly communicated everything that we needed to do.The track time was amazing. I’ve only been riding for almost a year so it really gave me the opportunity to get a feel for my bike at speed, and apply the classroom instructions to great effect. I loved every minute of it, it was confidence inspiring and I already feel better on my bike.”

Sydney Motorsports Park30th Jan 2013

“Great experience – I have now proceeded through Levels 1-3 and my confidence and riding skills and increased more than I could have imagined. The School has opened up a whole new experience in riding.I will definately be back for Level 4.”

Phillip Island29th Nov 2012

“Just like to thank you for a great experience that I was lucky enough to enjoy last weekend. I did both the Saturday and Sunday event and thoroughly enjoyed it. Had great instructors and terrific advice. Would recommend to anyone.”

David - Phillip Island3rd Nov 2012

“Just a short note to congratulate you on a thoroughly enjoyable and more importantly, a valuable day. I have been riding for thirty years and I got more understanding of what was going on in the first ten minutes of Steve’s class than all the thirty years on the seat of a bike. The more you know, the more you realise what you don’t know. I love riding my bike and love going fast. When it felt good it was great, when it went all pear shaped it was a drag. But in all of that I didn’t know why, I just reveled in the thrill or sulked in the aftermath. Thank you for helping me understand what I was actually doing to get those feelings and for giving me the tools to be able to refine my skills and increase the fun factor and analyse the not so good experiences and learn from the mistakes; after all, experience is knowledge.”

Eastern Creek15th June 2011

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great day and to make a confession… I was initially a bit sceptical as to wether or not it was worth the price for Level 1. I mean, I have been riding for almost 10 years and get decent lap times. When you combine that with being male and between 25 and 35, I already know everything and the only reason I don’t race in MotoGP is because it doesn’t fit my lifestyle… How wrong I was!! The classroom sessions were very informative and entertaining and made everything so simple. The bad habits I had developed were replaced piece by piece with good techniques. The track sessions gave me the chance to test the new techniques and to prove this to myself, and I can not speak highly enough of the On-Track Coaches. They “held my hand” through each of the techniques and gave me pointers and feed back after each session. The day after the school I was itching to get out on the road and cement my new found techniques. Either this stuff works, or the California Superbike School have hatched a state-wide conspiracy to have every corner in the state widened overnight. I am now more confident and safer on the roads. I can spend more time enjoying the ride and less time fighting the bike through corners. My body is now letting my brain have some fun. Thanks guys. See you for Level 2…”

Phillip Island1st March 2011

“Just wanted to pass on my thanks for the day I recently spent at eastern creek on Friday the 11th of February. I was considering selling my bike after only having 18 months riding experience and having two rather big offs. I bought the DVD and immediately could feel a positive change in my riding after applying the techniques. After completing the level 1 stage of the course, I will not be selling the bike and can honestly say that my confidence has grown not to a cocky level but to a level that I feel I have the skills to be a better and safer rider. Massive thanks to my on track coach, Shane and to Steve for the classroom lectures all of which were easy to understand. Thanks again and will be booking level two in the near future.”

Eastern Creek11th February 2011

“As a 15yr+ experienced rider, I was “sent” to superbike school by my girlfriend as a present. It was a lousy rainy morning on my way to track and started under poor weather conditions. I think it was fair to say I would rather have been picking fly crap out of a pepper factory prior to things really getting started on the day and I would have been a “hard customer” with an initially poor attitude. I didn’t feel I really had the motivation to be there. However, that all went out the window as the day got underway. Organised, well structured and a great ride/theory coach – the day quickly and easily improved (not just my attitude) both my theoretical understanding of riding and practical application of cornering on the track. I think the rain might have even helped the learning process and made the dry time even more fun too. I would have no hesitation recommending this to anyone who wants to learn some skills to improve their cornering. It was awesome day where I got to take home not just good memories of riding the track but also some quality skills to use in my riding day to day and weekends – Thanks.”

Eastern Creek30th November 2010


“I attended the my school day level 2 on the 25th Febuary at Phillip Island. I just wanted to say it was an awesome experience & I will definitely be coming back to do level 3. It was just fantastic!”

Phillip Island25th Feburary 2015

“Brilliant day, learnt so much; 3 step and locking just awesome! David is a great instructor so is Lou , he is just lovely. Scrutinerring team were brilliant, and course control personnel , Rich and Marc are always a joy to be kept safe by.Great day. Bring on Level 3!”

Sydney Motorsports ParkJanuary 10th 2015

“Just wanted to say what a great day it was at Eastern creek on the 29th. Chappy’s on track coaching and off track debriefs were excellent. The whole day ran like clockwork. You’ve got a very professional team Steve. I cant think of one thing to complain about. Cant wait for level 3.”

Sydney Motorsports Park 29th Jan 2013

“Just wanted to thank all the CSS crew for making the day such a pleasent experience. Especially AL my coach for the day who went above and beyond to make me feel so comfortable and more confident on the track. By the end of the last session I was able to get both my knees scraping which was he best feeling in the world, and seeing just how critical role my vision plays when riding. Thanks again.”

David - Sydney Motorsports ParkNov 29th 2012

“I would like to again thank you for coming to Qld with your California Super Bike school, during the 2 days I did level 2 and level 3. The calibre of classroom teaching was great, all the information was delivered in an easy to understand format and Steve took the time to answer any questions we had even if they were slightly of topic. The on track coaches were very helpful and did a great job in pointing out any misunderstanding or incorrect application I had of the different drills during the day. All briefings post track sessions were invaluable in the understanding of the drills and they also added suggestions for other riding improvements which they picked on track when they were following me. To the registration ladies and track coordinators – thanks for being so helpful when I didn’t know where to be or go.”

Queensland Raceway6th & 7th June 2011

“As detailed in my evaluation form after Thursday’s level two, I am incredibly impressed with the structure and support of CSS training days. As a newby the first two levels have been exceptionally valuable for my learning and skill set development. Additionally, I personally feel that the price structure is also well positioned and good value … thanks to all the EC support staff for a great day!”

Eastern Creek10th February 2011


“Each time I arrive I wonder if I am up to the ‘next level’ and each time I end the day realising the next level is exactly what I needed! This training is the best. My confidence is increasing, control is better and better and cornering is so much smoother. Still massive gains to be made, but I now have the base skill set to work on. Thanks for a fantastic course. The ride day on Sunday was the best I have had, confident enough to go up to the next level.”

Sydney Motorsports ParkJanuary 10th 2015

“I had a great day doing level 3, very tiring day, learning lots and making new friends. I cannot wait to do level 4!”

Phillip Island17th January 2015

“Great experience – I have now proceeded through Levels 1-3 and my confidence and riding skills and increased more than I could have imagined.The School has opened up a whole new experience in riding . I will definately be back for Level 4.”

Paul - Sydney Motorsports Park29th Nov 2012

“13 of us rode to PI for wsbk this feb. took 2 days from canberra through nsw and vic alps. i elected to ride my 99 xvs1100 cruiser (much to the amusement of my buddies) I have never used my 3 levels of CSS skills as much as on that trip. I thanked Steve and Lou and Daz (i know he cant figure out why us aussies call him that) in person. I saw Andrew (my other on track ride coach) on the afterburner dvd briefing. I wanted to thank him and the rest of the staff (including Casey, who once asked me why i kept screwing up turn 4 on a track day) for greatly improving my meagre riding skills. I also wanted to say that the current CSS gixer600 is a lovely bike. rode my cruiser for one session then hired good ole number 23. had a hoot and found it very easy to get used to quickly. again, many thanks, and after a few more track days, I intend to be inducted into the mysteries of level 4!!”

Phillip Island1st March 2011


“Had a great day on Tuesday. I had a real breakthrough in riding position – a small adjustment in my hip position led to a whole range of improvements, especially in upper body relaxation. It was exactly the reason I did level 4, and the results were greater than I expected. My coach Lou was excellent – good positive feedback, and his advice built on the improvements of the previous session.”

Phillip Island17th January 2015

“Many thanks for another great day, repeating Level 4. I hadn’t had JB as a track coach, before, but was very happy indeed with his observations, instructions, and attitude. I thought my rate of improvement might start to level off, but he and Lou managed to push me to another level, again. Your instructors are not only very skilled riders themselves, but they have the ability to get the best out of people who are far less competent, and with patience, and a sense of humour. It’s always a fun day! How you manage to find, and keep, people of this ability continues to impress me.”

Phillip Island13th Jan 2013

“Awesome day last week! Level 4 was certainly a great follow on from the first three levels, and I look forward to doing level 4 again to continue to work on some specific areas of the drills. AL was great on track and debrief!! Thank you so much for the day amazing.”

Aaron - Phillip Island4th April 2012

“I have just finished two 3 hour sessions over two days at Sepang. What a bloody difference I was overtaking 1 litre bikes around corners the best part though was knowing that if I was able to see bikes on the front straight after I came out of turn 15 I knew I would be able to chase them down. My poor poor hornet 600 was screaming the entire time. Turn 3 third gear throttle fully pinned opened oh yeah! Big big Thank you to Ash my on track coach for levels 2 and 3. A bloody big thanks to Davo my on track coach for level 4. I had three great days with you guys and I will planning to repeat Level 4 again next time I am in Sydney and schedules permit. Thanks again to everyone.”

Eastern Creek11/12/13 June 2011

“I meet my french friend who came to school day the 30/31/10 at PI , he have the same stupid smile on his face than me the first i ride at PI You are the best dealer and create a lot Track junkies , shame on you Have the best See you at PI the 13/14/2010 , we ‘ll stay 10 in Australia for riding 6 days.”

(New Caledonian student) Phillip Island30th October 2010