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The Contract

Booking Policy

CSSAU Pty Ltd Booking Policy 2023v1

Voucher Policy

  • Gift vouchers are valid for 36 months from the date of issue. Unused values will not be refunded or attributed to any transactions after the expiry date.

  • Gift vouchers can be redeemed against all products only at California Superbike School Booking Portal

  • Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash, returned for a refund, have their balances consolidated to a new voucher or be replaced after expiry and are not legal tender, account cards, credit or debit cards or securities.

  • If your purchase exceeds the value of the gift voucher, balance must be paid by cash, debit or credit card.

  • Gift vouchers cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. If you suspect an unauthorised activity, immediately report this to CSSAU Pty Ltd  (02) 9978 0102 or email  providing all details including proof of purchase, gift voucher number and a photo ID for verification purposes.

  • CSSAU Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel a gift voucher if we deem such action necessary. If so, we may either provide a replacement gift voucher of equivalent value unless we suspect fraud in relation to a gift voucher. The gift voucher remains our property.

  • CSSAU Pty Ltd can vary or replace these conditions from time to time (including to introduce new fees)

Booking Policy

Cancellation & Rider Transfer


No cash refunds under any circumstances. All cancellations or order changes must submit an Order Change Form. All communication requesting cancellation or transfers via email or phone will be redirected to the form.

For bookings placed after 27th December 2022, provided it is more than 30 days out from your booked event, you can cancel your current booking and obtain a CSS voucher to rebook your event at a date that suits you within the next 12 month period, less a processing fee of $25.


  • 30 days before an event:

    • Cancellation - 95% of your order value will be issued in a voucher

    • Transfer to another rider-  No fee will be charged. 

  • 29 to 14 days before an event:

    • ​Cancellation - 40% of your order value will be issued in a voucher

    • Transfer to another rider-  No fee will be charged. 

  • Less than 14 days before an event:

    • Cancellation - 15% of your order value will be issued in a voucher

    • Transfer to another rider-  No fee will be charged. 



In the instance you are no longer wanting to use the voucher to attend the event in the future for any reason, you can pass/sell this voucher to another rider to utilise it before voucher expiry, provided it is notified to CSSAU via email or phone, so the name on the coupon can be reassigned. We are very strict about our cancellation policy. You will find our policy is standard industry practice across motorsport schools. The following applies to any reasons for cancelling or rescheduling, including but not limited to accidents, missed travel connections, bike malfunctions, acts of God, health issues, or work or personal emergencies. etc. 


All students must ensure they book into the correct level.

All students start at Level One, each level takes one day to complete, and all levels must be completed in sequence. In the event a student books into an incorrect level and there is no availability in the correct level, the student will not be able to participate in the event, as numbers for each level are strictly limited. There will be no refunds or reschedules if this situation arises.

California Superbike School cannot control weather conditions.

If it rains, we get wet; if the sun shines we get hot. California Superbike School accepts no responsibility should an event be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to extreme weather. In this event, there will be no refunds or transfers. However, if a school event does not complete at least two(2) full rotations of all groups on track and all classroom sessions, then California Superbike School will endeavour to provide a replacement day at the venue’s discretion. If a rescheduled day is offered, there will be no refunds or transfers from the rescheduled day under any circumstances. If the track cannot provide a rescheduled day, there will be no refunds or transfers. All students ride at their own risk, whether riding in all or part of their sessions.

All participants ride at their own risk, whether riding in all or part of their sessions.

All participants should take into account their riding ability, the condition of their equipment, and possible track conditions before riding.

Students may not hand over their booking, in part or in full, to another rider at any time during an event.

California Superbike School accepts no responsibility if a participant fails to attend, cannot ride, is unfit to ride, or chooses not to ride in all or part of the day. Regardless of the reason (including, but not limited to, weather conditions, work requirements, motorcycle problems, family crises and health problems), there are no refunds or reschedules in part or whole.


Lap timing devices and video recording equipment is strictly prohibited.

It is California Superbike School policy that students are not to use lap timing and videoing equipment while out on track at CSS events. To get the most out of the day, students should focus on the drills they are working on rather than on filming their session. This policy is based on historical data provided by California Superbike School USA, which has shown that students with cameras mounted to their bikes had a higher crash rate than those without cameras. Our intention is for students to be in an environment as safe as possible at our events.

Photography, videography, and interviews for use by California Superbike School.

All participants grant California Superbike School the right to use any photos, videos, and interviews taken during the event for promotional use on the California Superbike School website or social media. If the participant disagrees, please notify our admin staff at morning registration.


The consumption of alcohol and the use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.

The consumption of alcohol and use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited at California Superbike School. Any person found consuming or being affected by alcohol, or drugs will not be permitted to participate in the event. No refunds will be given under any circumstances, and perpetrators risk being expelled from the venue and refused participation in future events. California Superbike School reserves the right to subject riders to random breath testing and checking for the influence of drugs. Your responsibility is to be fit to ride on the day. Due to the high concentration requirements, California Superbike School strongly recommends a good night’s sleep and abstaining from alcohol and drugs (ALWAYS, but specifically) the night before your event. This does not include prescribed medication endorsed by your physician as being non-detrimental to your participation in this activity.


All students are responsible for ensuring their motorcycle is in a track-worthy condition and passes scrutineering before attending the event.

(Please note: Phillip Island Circuit requires all motorcycles to be ADR compliant i.e. GP bikes are not permitted.) Please refer to the scrutineering guideline located in Event Day Preparation.


All students are required to meet the minimum riding gear requirements.

All students are required to meet the minimum riding gear requirements. California Superbike School minimum riding gear requirements are: leather jacket and pants which zip together or a leather one-piece suit (no textile clothing allowed), leather motorcycle gloves (overlapping suit sleeves), full-face helmet of minimum Australian Standards, and full height leather motorcycle boots which overlap pants (no work boots or runners allowed). Should there be an issue with any of the above, both motorcycles and riding gear can be hired for this event – please see Hire Bikes and Gear for further details.

All students are responsible for ensuring any utilised equipment is in safe working condition.

All participants are responsible for ensuring that any equipment used during California Superbike School is in safe working condition. This includes all wiring and electrical items compliant with relevant Australia Standards (this may include having leads tested and tagged). Compressors, generators and other tools and equipment must be in safe working condition. Electrical items such as tyre warmers must be plugged into power boards fitted with RCD (Residual Current Device) protection; double adaptors are not to be used. California Superbike School may request that equipment be removed if not considered to meet the above standards. All students are to abide by the Safe Handling of Fuel Guidelines.


All participants must abide by the Safe Handling of Fuel Guidelines during California Superbike School.

Strict guidelines must be followed concerning the amount of fuel permitted in garages (20L per rider), the suitability of fuel containers (labelled and Australian Standards compliant), and safe refuelling procedures (avoidance of spills and ignition sources). These guidelines will be displayed at the circuit on the day of the event.


Any student who does not agree with this information may obtain a full refund, provided:

Any participant who does not agree with the information contained in this policies sheet, or any other information supplied by California Superbike School, is entitled to a full refund provided they notify California Superbike School within three (3) days of booking. Suppose notice is not received within three (3) days. In that case, California Superbike School assumes the participant agrees to all policies and information and is prepared to abide by the policies, terms and conditions contained herein. Policies may change without notice.

CSSAU PTY LTD – Unit 1, 37-39 Somersby Falls Road, Somersby, 2250, NSW Phone: 0456 005 554

Booking Policy 2023v1

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