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Event Day Preparation

• Motorcycle filled with fuel + extra if transporting bike

• Licence for the bike you are riding

• Extra snacks and water

• Lunch will be provided on the day

• Tea/coffee/electrolyte available all day at Registration


SDPICS Photography

SDPics provide photograph packages and pre-event specials at all our schools. Check their website the day after our two day event to check out your photos.

Scrutineering Guide

Throttle Returns
Front Brake Operation
No Loose Fittings
No Oil Leaks
Filler Caps are on Tight
Rear Brake Operation
Rear Brake Pads
Rear Tyre
Chain Condition & Tension
Clutch Operation
Front Suspension Operation
Front Tyre Condition
No Fork Seal Leaks
Front Brake Pads

Safety Briefing

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