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Order Change, 
Cancellations & Reschedules

All CSSAU booking changes must go through the form. Any requests made by other methods can and will be ignored.

You would have agreed to our booking policy before payment, additionally CSSAU also provided the booking policy documents immediately after registration which stipulates that you may receive a full cash refund if you do not agree with the policy within 3 days. 

"Any student who does not agree with this information may obtain a full refund, provided: Any participant who does not agree with the information contained in this policies sheet, or any other information supplied by California Superbike School, is entitled to a full refund provided they notify California Superbike School within three (3) days of booking. Suppose notice is not received within three (3) days. In that case, California Superbike School assumes the participant agrees to all policies and information and is prepared to abide by the policies, terms and conditions contained herein."


Should you feel like we have been unfair in our policy. You may refer to ACCC and additional resources online to assist you with finding a solution.

If you are planning to cancel or reschedule close to an event, the options available to you provided by CSSAU may be limited but it is NOT our responsibility to sell your ticket. However, here is a guide on how and where you may be able to sell your seat for a last-minute cancellation. 

If the form cannot be viewed on this page. Visit this link.

How to sell my ticket

Facebook Marketplace

Advertise it on facebook marketplace

Friends & Family

Sell it or gift it to someone you know

CSSAU Services

We have a limited operation staff and cannot commit to ensuring that your ticket is sold. There is a risk that the order cannot be resold. Invoking a waitlist is NOT a guarantee that your spot will be sold. In the event the seat is not sold, no refund will be provided. If the seat is sold - you will be provided with 95% of your order value in the form of a booking voucher.

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