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Pre-order your Metzeler Tyres before a School Event. Have them fitted for free at our workshop. Make the best of your day. 




90% of our coach bikes are set up with Metzeler Racetek RRs. 

The Metzeler Racetec RR is a high-performance tire designed for use on sportbikes and track-day motorcycles. It is known for its excellent grip and handling characteristics, as well as its durability and long lifespan.



Superbike School Coaches use Metzeler Racetec RRs for their endurance races. It provides great performance over a much longer period. Overall, the Racetec RR is a popular choice among riders looking for a high-performance tire that can deliver excellent grip and handling on the track or on the street.




The Racetec RR features a tread pattern that is optimized for both wet and dry conditions, and it is made from a special compound that is designed to offer maximum grip and stability. The tire also has a directional tread pattern, which helps to improve water drainage and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.


Road Ready

Unlike full slicks, Metzelers allow CSS to coach all day on track and still enjoy the premier performance on the road. The Metzeler Racetek RR and the M9RR are the best in class for road tyres and will probably be one of the longest and lastest tyres you can have fun with.

Country Road
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