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California Superbike School

The Art of Cornering

Why Superbike School?

The CSS program is designed to help riders understand the science of riding. A combination of technical classroom content that develops with research and a practical on-track drill to allow students to experiment with techniques they learnt in the classroom allows for a deeper understanding of why motorcycles do what they do when we apply a specific rider input. CSS coaches riders to stay in control and stay predictable - no matter the speed. 

World Class Coaches

The coaches at California Superbike School are a class above the rest. Our coaches are 100% dedicated to making you a better rider. They undergo an intensive selection and training program before being allowed to coach students. Coaches must pass several technical exams before undertaking an on-track apprenticeship—their riding skills, on-track observations and communication skills are all evaluated and honed before taking on their first student. Every school event is staffed with qualified coaches from across the globe.

Constant Content Update

Fundamentals may remain the same, but the machines we use evolve yearly. That is why California Superbike School works closely with BMW and their engineers to develop new approaches to motorcycling. Constantly expanding the curriculum to adapt to changing motorcycle technology.

Improvements Guaranteed

If you ride a motorcycle, you can improve. The technical skills of cornering apply to you. 150,000+ riders have attended Superbike Schools in 33 countries at 118 tracks on every continent except Antarctica and ridden 13.2 million miles in the process. Over fifty national and international championships have been won by riders trained by Keith Code and other CSS staff worldwide. Bikes may change, but Keith’s discoveries on cornering still apply.


Hire the Ultimate Riding Machine

California Superbike School is powered by BMW Motorrad Australia. Ride an S1000RR during a school day - just add it during your booking.

Workshop Support

California Superbike School provides workshop assistance throughout the day. Purchase a  set premium Metzeler tyres for that extra grip on the road and on track.

Hire Gear

Rock up in shorts and a shirt. We will take care of the rest.

The School Crew

California School is unlike any other training provider. With a range of services to assist you in your learning for the day.


On-track Coach

We bring in at least a dozen highly qualified coaches to conduct training with you throughout the day. You will likely interact substantially with more than one coach throughout the day. 

  • Your coach follows you to observe specific aspects of your riding.

  • For immediate feedback, pre-arranged hand signals are used by your coach while on the track.

  • Coaches are able to pull off with you during a ride for more detailed feedback.

  • Coaches will lead you to demonstrate specific techniques and lines.

  • Your coach will debrief with you and help to evaluate your performance after every ride.

  • Specific problems are identified, and exact solutions geared to your skill level are provided.

  • Ratio of 3 students to 1 on-track coach

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